Maldives Beaches – Icons of Unblemished Nature

The Maldives is made up of over 1000 paradise like islands located in proximity to the South Asian nations of India and Sri Lanka. The sun soaked beaches abounding in tropical fruits and coconuts which adorn the Maldives invite you to a relaxed holiday on soft sands amidst its unspoilt nature. Each atoll is formed by a coral reef with a shallow lagoon encircling it. While the majority of Maldives islands are uninhabited, NFT Monkey the populated minority feature some tranquil local settlements enclosing pristine beaches.

Maldives islands have beaches where nature’s splendour can be experienced by strolling along the golden shores with the cool breeze caressing your soft skin with untainted affection. You can leisurely enjoy having breakfast, lunch and dinner with your family and friends under the shade of palm trees or simply sunbathing. The ultimate pleasure of playing around in the warm frothy waters is a delightful experience.

Some of the most famous island beaches of Maldives are Bandos island beach, Kanuhura island beach, Mirihi island beach and Fun island beach. A range of various activities will keep you engrossed throughout your vacation here. Water sports like water snorkelling, wind surfing, charteracatamaraninthebvi jet ski, catamaran sailing, parasailing, scuba diving, lagoon diving, wake boarding and canoeing are available. And additionally, there are also some excellent places to engage in some exciting sport fishing with Maldivian fishermen’s assistance. While you are here, a visit to one of the gymnasiums or Ayurvedic spas located on these beaches will revitalize you physically and emotionally.

You will be delighted to see the display of coral meadows, soft white corals, green, yellow and purple invertebrates and adorable dolphins at the reef houses. To witness the mystifying variety of marine bio-diversity including huge shark-rays, other colourful fish, bostonhaikusociety octopuses and many other underwater creatures, you can visit the Sarawak Underwater Jungle.


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