The Top 5 3D Animated Films and Characters of All Time

The magical spells that animated cartoon characters cast, are eternal and never cease to leave the audience spellbound. From tiny tots to their beloved grandparents, none can deny that these animated cartoons have those splendid, special secrets about them that make them leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the spectators.

So what is it about them that are so stunning? Is it the magnificence of the technology combined with art that astonishes the audience? Or is it their ability to transform kaufen sie k2 online us into an entirely different world that captivates the minds of million? Whatever be it, the few hours of immense cheerfulness that they bring into our lives is unmatched and leaves us only asking for more.

The world has watched the performances of plenty such fun filled movies yet there are a select few which have become legends in the world of animated pictures. So what are the top 5 all time favorite animated cartoons? And what makes them more special than the others?

1) The Lion King:
The life of Simba is beautifully portrayed in the movie starting from its childhood and the years that followed leading to a mature king who efficiently saves the land of pride from wrong hands and rules over it successfully. The assortments of emotions displayed by the Lion and all the other characters are enthralling!!!

2) Finding Nemo
No body needs to be reminded of this movie which was the only one to top the Lion King at the box office. The adventurous pursuit of Marlin in finding Nemo in conjunction anime4up with Dory is considered one of the most enjoyable escapades ever in the history of animated cartoons.

3) Ratatouille
An impossible dream of a rat aspiring to become a chef was an entirely novel concept that was greeted well by the audience. Remy’s role as a secret chef in a French restaurant is an excellent recipe for laughter. The culinary world of Paris becoming topsy-turvy because of a rat race is perfectly depicted in the film.

4) Shrek
An attempt to regain his swamp from a King, leads the green ogre, Shrek in a path of love that he has never tread before. The movie takes us into a fun filled journey, led by Shrek his pal donkey and his new found love Princess Fiona. The tag line that quotes ‘The greatest fairy tale never told’ is just a fitting jiliko description to the movie.

5 Ice Age:
When the whole animal kingdom was frightened by the upcoming Ice Age, four animals Sid (sloth), Diego (tiger) Scrat (Squirrel) and Manny (mammoth) are united in a mission of returning a human infant to his father. The obstacles faced by this unusual group of heroes simply during their mission left the audience simply astound.


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