Unconditional Love

For a few years, I was blessed to have the wonderful company of a pet. A small adorable and stubborn as hell bichon maltais dog. As a kid in Paris, bterapiaberles I used to watch an animated show that I just adored called “Le manège enchanté”, the enchanted merry-go-round; fabulous show. The dog in the show was named Pollux. I always wanted one. coloradowebimpressions

At 22, I decided I was finally grown-up enough to have a dog and for months I searched for the dog. Eventually, sine perseverance always enables you to reach your goals, I found my own live pollux. And I instantly fell in love. A pure unconditional love, absolute for this little fur ball. He was so small, I didn’t notice him at first until he came out of… a slipper. He was so insignificant in size, he would sit in the palm of my hand or I would carry him around in the front pocket of my jean jacket. uniquenewsonline

He grew, of course, and my love for him grew as well. I already had a cat, very intelligent and wise, that I had rescued when found in a barn at less than six weeks old. I called my cat puzzle since I used to do a lot of them then and he was not bigger than a couple of pieces when I got him. I had bought a miniature doll’s baby bottle to feed him milk until, one day he jumped on my souvlaki and I realised he was big enough for real food. That cat brought lots of joy into my heart and still does even he has not been with me for 7 years. repcohome

The cat I had received by coincidence or maybe I love cats so much, I attracted him in my life. He was about two when I got the dog and I feared he might reject him. On the contrary, he totally adopted my dog.He became his mentor in a sort. He guided the white fur ball through early knowledge of basics. That means that puzzle made sure my dog regarded him as divine. And puzzle played abused that power on many occasions by playing many tricks on him. optimalremodel

Almost daily, the cat would get my dog to chase after him and jump on the sofa knowing very well that my dog would not be able to. And, every single time, the dog jumped and hit his forehead and the cat would just watch with a grin. Eventually the dog was able to jump higher and the cat found a new way to make fun of the dog. aslremodeling

Once, my cat fed a $10 bill to my dog. It was like a scene from a movie. My cat looked totally innocent. My dog wanted to look innocent as well but still had a piece of the bill stuck in his mouth and the rest torn up around him. He had been framed.

My friends used to come to my place just to watch the show. It was better than anything on TV. Not just for how the cat played tricks on the dog and the laughter their performance would create. More, because of the love they had for each other. During day time naps, they would sleep hugging. One would not eat if the other didn’t. And even if my cat made fun of the dog, I saw him many times looking seriously worried for my dog (who would invent illnesses to get more attention). For those that have pets, you know we can tell their moods. 7mgg

Looking back, and every single time I speak of bidule and puzzle, my two best friends then; I can’t help but feel rejoiced, and full of love. I usually smile looking back at all we have lived together in such a little time.

Sometimes, they drove me crazy. Sometimes, I didn’t have much money but fed them first. Sometimes, we just hugged all three in silence. Sometimes, when they felt that I needed to be cheered up, they did a comedy act, or were just really really good. And when they saw, I was in a good mood, they tried to get me to be more flexible with their behaviors. manguerose

No matter what they did, no matter how much I would have strangled them sometimes because they trashed a plant (cat), peed on the carpet(dog). I Loved them with all my heart. I cried for a long time after they were gone. I actually never got a dog again because the hurt was so deep in loosing my little bidule five years ago.

My dog and cat, bidule and puzzle (bidule actually translates in “thingy”) were the loves of my life. Those that were blessed by the company of a fur friend know what I mean by the love, that uncondional love. Whenever we remember one of them, it seems like a glowing sensation grows in our hearts.

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