Visiting Long Beach? Forget the Guidebook and Check Out the Local News Instead

Whether you are a city native or a visitor from out of town, knowing what’s going on in the community is great way gain a deeper understanding of local culture. Many people today want more than just a vacation to another tourist trap. They want to experience other cultures, meet new people and come home enriched by their travels.

Local news is the best way to get acquainted with your environment. It’s not just a way to stay informed, it’s a way to find out what is important to the people that live in a specific region. Local news outlets cover everything that goes on in the neighborhoods — from grand openings to special events and festivals, from school board meetings to city council elections. If you want to get to the heart of what makes a city tick, spend a half-hour with their community paper. If you really want to touch its pulse, read the Letters to the Editor! For more info please visit these sites:-

Even if you’re just looking for things to do around town, you’ll find that local news has plenty of articles for that as well. Every paper or website offers an entertainment section that is brimming with interesting, up-to-date events. You can find seasonal festivals, current concerts, restaurant reviews and more.

When you’re in Long Beach, California then reading the Long Beach news will keep you up to date on the happenings in this bustling sea port town. There are many sources from which you can get news updates and information. Traditionalists can choose from the Press-Telegram (the area’s major daily paper) or several weekly community papers. For hipsters the “alternative” District Weekly is a good choice. Long Beach also offers several newspapers in Cambodian and Spanish. Readers that prefer to get their news on the Internet have their choice of two outstanding online-only sources: or


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