Solving Common Problems Faced in Medical Transcription Agencies

Medical institutions are now depending greatly on services from outsourced medical transcription agencies and firms from all across the globe. They may be getting the cheapest, most affordable rate in the market, but since the client and the medical transcription agencies are both from opposite sides of the world, there are a couple of common mistakes that take place during the entire process. These mistakes are small and can easily be avoided by following easy medical transcription solutions such as proper training and hiring the right people for the job.

Some of the common mistakes of medical transcription agencies include:

Lost in Translation

As stated earlier, companies are now outsourcing clinical transcription agencies due to reasons such as saving costs and speeding up the work flow, Imedical Healthcare Solutions because these there has been confusion and disorder in transcribing medical reports into text. Since the agencies are from different countries, they tend to have a different way of pronouncing words which are why they may hear a word differently. One of the best medical translation solutions to this problem is to train the clinical transcription agent and let them be more familiar with the accent and intonation of clients from a certain country. Once they are familiar with the pronunciation of words and certain letters, the work flow will be easier with lesser mistakes.

Less English fluent speakers

Although most countries from which outsourced agencies are located use English as a second language, very few cans speak the language seamlessly. There are now less fluent English speakers which are why more training is needed for the others who want to pursue a career in the medical transcription industry. Some of the medical transcription solutions to this problem will includes proper training and a flawless hiring process wherein only the best applicants are hired. Applicants should be screened depending on their knowledge and use of the English language, how fluent they are and how often they use it in their daily lives.

Non Health Professionals being hired for the job

Since health transcription companies are now having a hard time looking for the right applicants to become transcribers, they have started hiring non medical professionals, people who have no idea about the medical and healthcare industry. This may be the biggest blow to outsourced health transcription agencies since clients expect them to be professionals at this kind of work. The reason why medical professionals are needed is because there are some words which cannot be deciphered properly by the untrained ear. For someone who is not used to hearing medical terms, it would be hard to get the word and the spelling right.


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